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This project rethinks a conventional vernacular LA long-span shed through transforming its wall, structure, and membrane systems. Taking in the cultural and historical context of Leimert Park, the project evolve the shed typology to be considered as an infrastructure for variable community demands of programs instead of the structure itself. This infrastructure serves as a resilient base to accommodate the temporality of generational programmatic demands.

2020.12.22 P1 Tectonic Axon-01.jpg
2020.12.22 P1 Tectonic Dimetric-01.jpg

The precedent is taken from an existing shed serving as a Sysco food storage in Arts District, Los Angeles, CA. 

The shed uses a wooden triple-pitch structure which outlines modular bays measuring 33’ x 15’ External wall and sheathing are made with brick and metal roofing respectively.


By adopting this triple pitch form, supporting columns are required to hold the trusses up. Programs within the shed are restricted to conform to the outlined bays, restricting flexible programming.

P1 Axon in 16x9 ratio.jpg
2020.12.22 P2 Tectonic Axon-01.jpg
2020.12.22 P2 Tectonic Dimetric-01.jpg

The triple pitch truss is transformed into a single-pitch, steel truss system. This removes the 3 modular bay from the previous system to allow the shed to accommodate more program. The rafters are also changed into a simple truss system in order to allow the truss to span a longer distance. 

For increased lateral stability, the brick walls are replaced by a repeating, folded modular concrete wall. In addition, diagrids are added on tie-beams of the truss, as well as the truss rafters.

The metal roofing is substituted by a 3 different sheathing materials: clear glass, matte glass, and a perforated sunshade to cast a unique shadow within the shed.

2020.12.22 P2 Tectonic Close-UP.jpg
2020.12.21 Tectonic Drawing [Converted]-
2020.12.21 Tectonic Drawing [Converted]-
2020.12.24 Cultural Analysis Render-01.j

The new structure is now rethought into an existing infrastructure to support an addition set of structures that are subject to change. 

The strength and stablity of the now- infrastructure is able to accomodate multiple variation of internal structure that the needs of the generation dictates.

Leimert Park is widely known as the Cultural Hub for African Americans in Los Angeles. The area was also dubbed the ‘Black Greenwich Village’ by filmmaker John Singleton. 

This community celebrates art and music, Jazz and Hip Hop music, as prominent artists such as Ray Charles and Ella Fitzgerald used to be members of the Community. 

Leimert Park Art Walk is an event held on every last Sunday of the month to celebrate the art, culture and history of the community. The event features art exhibits, music, fashion, food, drumming, etc.

The design of storefronts in the community features bold, rich colours and often include African Symbols in their facade or ground

2020.12.27 Trial Render.jpg

The facade design of the community center takes inspiration from the bold, rich colours found on surrounding storefronts and African Symbols found on the ground.

Byron-Wong_Arch 302b_Eric Nulman_Leimert

The community center hosts four basketball courts, an open-air gym, four classrooms, an open-mic theatre,  an Interactive art gallery, a kid’s room, a multipurpose room, and five operational offices.

Byron-Wong_Arch 302b_Eric Nulman_Leimert

All active spaces such as the gym and basketball courts are exposed to the roof structure to allow natural ventilation remove excess heat that results from exercise


Continuing the rich culture of music and arts, the open mic workshop serves as a welcoming platform for all artists, emerging or established, to showcase their craft

Byron-Wong_Arch 302b_Eric Nulman_Leimert
Byron-Wong_Arch 302b_Eric Nulman_Leimert
Byron-Wong_Arch 302b_Eric Nulman_Leimert
Byron-Wong_Arch 302b_Eric Nulman_Leimert
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