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This project questions conventional student co-living situation through organizing interaction and circulation through clusters of modulor units. By displacing shared and commercial anchors throughout the housing complex, residents are forced to move though and interact with spaces away from their normal path to-and-from school. By way of this architecturally enforced circulation, the residents are offered a more immersive understanding of their living environment.

2020.12.26 PC120162.jpg

This project is located on the corner of Figueroa Street and Slauson Avenue in Los Angeles CA.

view analysis-01.jpg

As it is located in a residential area right next to an entrance of Highway 110, the project receives a lot of noise pollution from traffic.

The site also receives a great deal of sun exposure as all of the buildings in its immediate surroundings are low-rise.

12.31.19 Analytical Diagrams.jpg

All programs are stacked on top of one another with key shared and commercial anchors displaced throughout the building. 

Residents are required to weave hallways and shared space to navigate the project, giving them a deeper understanding of their living environment

2021.1.3 Short Section-01.jpg
2021.1.3 Long Section-01.jpg

The architecturally enforced exploration of the building is further encouraged with only color to indicate clusters and minimal indicators of program. 

Residents would need to rely on physically visiting the space to fully understand all features of their home.

2020.12.9 Plan [Converted]-01.jpg
2020.12.16 Ground Plan [Converted]
2020.12.20 Floor Layout Diagram-01.jpg
2020.12.17 Elevation 1.jpg
2020.12.18 Elevation 3.jpg
2020.12.17 Elevation 2.jpg
2020.12.18 Elevation 4.jpg

The windows of the facade acts as a diagrammatical representation of the program inside, while masking the field condition interior from the street, allowing visitors and residents to participate in the same continual exploration.

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