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Partner: Emily Wu

In our project, we are addressing the friction between locals and tourists, specifically between historical compact city centers and excessive tourism within Barceloneta. Using demolition as an action, we generate dynamic spatial opportunities for different identities to interact. The demolished houses are readdressed by expanding exposed party walls as structure and a catalogue of modules, as recognizing the origins of Barceloneta.

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Friction Demarcation

Identifying areas of interaction between local and tourists in Barceloneta. 

Through demolishing lot spaces, we generated opportunities for dynamic spatial conditions within Barceloneta. Depending on how lots are selectively removed and how many lots we remove, each of them completely alter the reading of its immediate surrounding, and the reading of Barceloneta itself.

To address the housing lots we remove, generative operations are used to reinsert housing units with the least amount of disruption to the spatial condition generated by subtraction. 

Thickening expands the exposed party wall as little as possible while building atop neighboring lots for its housing, creating a taller boundary within the new public space.

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Final Plan Perspective_edited_edited.jpg
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